At Home Life, we live out our mission through three primary programs:


seven group homes with 24-hour care

Supported and Community Living

supports for people living independently or with their families

Vocational Services

finding jobs and developing skills for people with I/DD in the Linn-Benton community

Residential Program

Home Life is a second family to many of our clients, therefore, we strive to serve our clients through each stage of life. Our Residential Program continues to evolve and change to meet the needs of the new generation as well as our aging population.

The Residential Program consists of seven group homes, each one unique to another. All of Home Life’s group homes are located in Corvallis.

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Home Life is committed to the safety and security of our homes while also supporting residents with the relational aspects of “home.” Many times these supported individuals move directly from their family home into their Home Life home, where they build a new kind of family.

Each home provides individualized care to support residents, allowing them to live as independently as possible. The Residential Program’s homes have 24-hour care staff and are operated by separate Program Managers who are overseen by a Program Director.

In this program, supported individuals are assisted in leaving their homes and engaging in the community. Many of Home Life’s residents attend community gatherings, public events, bowling nights, and much more.

When we accept a client into our Residential Program, we are committing to that person for life, or for as long as they choose to stay at Home Life. This gives our clients the opportunity to age in place and live out their lives comfortably at home. Not only does this protect them from having to transfer to an assisted living facility, where their needs and routines are unknown and where the people they’ve known and loved are absent, but aging in place is critical to their quality of life, and this honors their dignity in a powerful way.

Several of Home Life’s homes are powered by solar panels thanks to a grant awarded by SERC and ARRA in 2012.

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CoHo Flat

Home Life’s flat at Coho is part of the Coho Ecovillage, a cohousing community in South Corvallis. Coho was established in October of 2007 and supports 3 individuals.

Koebel House

Koebel House, formerly known as 25th Street House, was established in 1977. It was dedicated to Home Life’s former Executive Director, Art Koebel, in 2005. Koebel serves 5 individuals.        Solar Power Generation

Mumford House

Mumford House was established in 1982 and named after Martha Mumford,
one of Home Life’s founding members who dedicated her life to people with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mumford is currently licensed to
serve 8 individuals.     
Solar Power Generation

Olleman House

Olleman House was dedicated to Dean and Betty Olleman in October
of 2007 and serves 3 individuals.       
Solar Power Generation

Robinson House

Robinson House opened in 2009. At that time, it was known as the Hayes Street House and served 4 individuals. It was dedicated to Kathryn Robinson in July 2011. Today, the Robinson House serves 5 people.

Teater House

Teater House was donated to Home Life in 2009 and dedicated in honor of Bob
and Dolly Teater in 2011. The program currently supports 2 people.

Woods House

The Woods house, once known as the Duplex, was opened in 1989. It serves 3
individuals. The house was dedicated in honor of Margaret and Charles Woods in July of 2011.

Supported & Community Living

The general focus of our Supported & Community Living program is to work on the practical skills needed to live independently and the social skills needed to initiate, develop, and maintain healthy relationships.

Individuals in these programs typically live on their own, with peer roommates, or with their families.

Supported Living services have been adjusted throughout the years to coincide with the needs and wants of the individuals within the program. Individuals utilizing Supported Living Services have chosen Home Life to be their sole support provider.

Community Living  supports individuals who have chosen Home Life to be one piece of their support network and typically has other provider agencies fulfill the rest of their support needs.

Vocational Services

We believe that every individual can work in an integrated community setting and we take pride in providing services that help individuals find meaningful jobs. Clients from the Linn-Benton community receive Employment Training, Job Development, and Job Placement in local businesses from Home Life staff members. 

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Discovery is designed to be a first step in introducing clients to the world of employment. Through this 3-month course, clients will work one-on-one with a certified coach to help them identify areas of employment they are interested in and organizations or businesses in the community that would be a good fit. Clients get the opportunity to conduct informational interviews, go on field trips to local businesses and organizations and meet others in the community who currently work in the field of interest. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for the client to create employment goals for their future job development and job placement in the community. 

Employment Path 

Clients will work with Home Life staff to develop basic employment skills. We will focus on resume building, best practices in on-site work behavior, attendance, and social appropriateness, along with common entry-level job skills such as customer service, courtesy clerk, and janitorial tasks. In addition to basic employment skills, we offer courses that help clients increase their skills in specific areas such as cashiering or writing. These quarterly courses are designed to build on each other so clients who have taken beginning employment skill-building courses can advance into more job-specific skill-building courses or repeat a class the next time it is offered. 

Job Development 

Home Life offers employment support from the very start. Our Job Developer will work with clients to choose the kind of work they are most drawn to and suited for. Once areas of interest are identified the Job Developer and client work together to apply for and engage with local businesses or organizations for paid employment opportunities. 

Job Coaching 

Job Coaching consists of ongoing support for clients once they have been placed into their chosen employment position. Job Coaches work closely with clients to identify and assist with supports needed for on-the-job success. In addition to on-the-job support, Job Coaches are also available to help communicate with employers with or on behalf of the client, identify areas of improvement and help to set and achieve goals.

Business Partners

American Dream Pizza     |     Arc Thrift Store 

Big Lots     |     Brass Monkey 

Brookdale Senior Living     |     Buffalo Wild Wings

Burger King      |     Calapooia Brewing 

Guardian Games     |     Home Depot 

Levy Restaurants (OSU)     |     Oregon Web Press 

RISE Services     |     Safeway

Stoneybrook Senior Living      |     Vina Moses 


Success Stories

“I had a client whose manager was very supportive of the work we do. They let us support the client any way we needed to which was great for her and opened doors for natural support to take place. Her manager loved her and when we were ready to fade from coaching we all got together as a team to go over what it would be like without having a Job Coach on site. They were so great and had welcomed her in such a way that I felt completely comfortable saying “she is all yours”. This was a real success all the way through and a great example of what Home Life Inc. The Vocational Team can do for our clients.”

from a Home Life Inc. Job Coach 

“A client we were working with had an employer take him under his wing right off the bat and trained him on other tasks without even having to talk to the coach. It is great when this happens because it provides the client with natural support but more importantly they are treated as any other employee, which is what we want to see. Each time I see him at work he is all smiles and giggles, he is happy to have our support in addition to the support he receives from his co-workers.”

from a Home Life Inc. Job Coach

Home Life’s Vocational Services office is located in our admin office at
2420 NW Professional Dr  |  Ste 200
Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone: (541) 452.8026 or (541) 753.9015

Low-Income Housing

Low-income housing is in short supply in our community, and Supported Living clients struggle to find housing with affordable rent that they can pay with their wages or with their Social Security or Disability Income. Yet, low-income housing is essential for persons with I/DD who do not need 24-hour residential care and thrive with supported living services.

Home Life provides safe, affordable housing for these individuals. We own and manage 15 low-income rental units, with more low-income housing options through Home Life coming in the foreseeable future!