Home Life
Job Description
Residential Support Staff

Entry level Support Staff will meet the following requirements for employment with Home Life. Entry level staff includes Substitute Support Staff.


• An application submitted with complete and accurate information that includes all work history for the past 3 years. If hired and information on the application is found to be false, Home Life retains the right to terminate employment immediately.
• One positive reference return will be received from an employer within the past 12 months or one positive reference will be received from a supervisor in a volunteer position within the past 12 months.
• One positive reference will be received from a personal reference regarding character.
• An approved criminal history check is received from the Department of Human Services Criminal Records Unit.
• Applicant meets eligibility of form I-9 as required by the federal government.
• Current CPR/FA certificate or written verification of CPR/FA before working unassisted.
• Completion of initial competency training packet before working unassisted.
• Satisfactory performance evaluation after completion of trial service period.
• Effective verbal and written communication skills and the ability to write, edit and proofread communications.
• Organizational skills that involve managing time effectively and workload adequately.
• Human problem solving skills and ability to utilize conflict resolution skills.
• Ability to cope under stressful and crisis situations.
• Eighteen years old and high school graduate or equivalent.
• Motivation to grow and learn the existing systems of Home Life.
• Oregon driver license and a good driving record.

General Expectations:

• Demonstrate an ability to establish good working relationships with administrators, program directors, fellow staff, volunteers and clients.
• Demonstrate the ability to respond to supervision by using feedback constructively, heeding directives and meeting expectations related to job performance.
• Demonstrate an active commitment to the Mission Statement and values of Home Life, Inc.
• Demonstrate ability to establish clear and appropriate boundaries in relationships with staff and clients and the handling of confidential and sensitive information.


• Responsible directly to the Program Manager.
• Work as a team with the other support staff in the program to ensure the best quality of services are provided to our clients.
• Ensure that working hours are kept correct as outlined for your shift in your specific program.
• Assure that all pertinent information regarding individual clients, major issues, or the program, is communicated in the staff log and to other staff or supervisors as needed.
• Assure that all household needs are met.
• Assure that all household supplies/equipment are available and in good working order.
• Adhere to all policies, rules, and procedures of Home Life.
• Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings unless excused by the Program Manager (PM).
• Attend all competency based training as assigned by the PM or Training Coordinator.
• Complete and hand in all reports by their required due dates (ex: timesheets, change reports, etc.)
• Read all log entries daily and communicate with staff via the log.
• All agency and client coordination of information (ex: parents, vocational, Mental Health, etc) will be done by the PM.
• Assume additional responsibilities as assigned/negotiated/needed by Program Manager.

Health and Safety of Clients:

• Assure that client GER’s are completed according to instructions provided.
• Conduct monthly fire drills as assigned by the PM.
• Assure that monthly fire drill records are documented according to instructions provided.
• Assure that PM is made aware of any problems which arise on client evacuation, e.g. failure to evacuate within a reasonable amount of time.
• Assure that nutritionally balanced meals are prepared by/with clients and are available to clients in accordance with written menus.
• Assure that client confidentiality is maintained.
• Respond appropriately to the posted Emergency Preparedness Plan and On Call Procedures.
• Assure that the Safety & Sanitation Checklist is completed and followed.

Essential Physical Requirements:

• The physical effort typically required in this job includes, but is not limited to, lifting up to 110 lbs, transferring with client assistance up to 250 lbs, pulling, reaching, repositioning, carrying, pushing, keying/typing, physical holds and other duties as needed.


• Assure that client medications are administered as prescribed and that Medication Administration Records (MARs) are maintained according to Home Life procedures.
• Staff coming on shift will review the MARs with the staff leaving shift to ensure that all medications have been administered.
• Assure that client medical records are documented according to instructions.
• Assure that all client medical needs are met as assigned by the PM. Medical needs refers to: renewing prescriptions, making appointments, etc…
• Request assistance as needed with medical appointments from the PM or APM.


• Assure that financial records are documented so that they balance with the amount of money in client pouches’, savings accounts, etc.
• Ensure that client money is locked/safeguarded at all times while on duty.
• Ensure that client personal bills are paid appropriately by the due dates.
• Complete money counts during shift as assigned by the PM.
• Record Petty Cash and Food Stamp expenditures accurately so that records balance with amounts in the pouches.

Client Advocacy:

• Assure that all client personal needs are met as assigned by the PM. Personal needs refer to purchasing needed supplies, making business arrangements, planning for recreational/leisure activities, etc…
• Assure that all client routines are adhered to, ex: daily hygiene, living skills training, house jobs, cleaning schedules, etc…
• Request assistance as needed with personal business appointments from the PM or APM.
• Assure that all routine yard maintenance responsibilities are met as assigned by the PM.
• Assure that clients keep the home clean. This will entail assisting clients to perform household responsibilities whenever possible and personally performing some duties. The program needs to be kept neat, clean, and odor free.

Client Training:

• Conduct and collect data on Behavior Management Programs in conjunction with other staff.
• Record client training and participation activities on activity record sheets.
• Assure that individual client schedules are followed and that individual clients are present for scheduled activities.
• Be present at and participate in house meetings with clients that occur on your shift.