Manager of the Quarter

Awards and Recognitions

Spring – Linda McDonald

 “Linda McDonald has been such a great asset to Mumford house! Her knowledge, dedication, and patience are heart-warming. Her genuine care for the supported individuals and her staff is admirable. She takes on challenges without complaint and sees them as learning opportunities. When she signed on with HLI, the program was pretty chaotic and challenging (thank you Covid). She didn’t bat an eye and jumped right in. She has the patience and perseverance of an elephant – always a calm steady force for those around her and just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, always knowing there will be rest just up ahead. She takes pride in leading her team and her belief in them is a sign of a true leader. She may be quiet, but she is mighty!”


“I would like to nominate Linda McDonald for manager of the quarter. Linda came into the program during a rough time, and she has brought positivity to the house. She has a positive attitude and is always encouraging her staff to be positive. She has gone over and beyond her job. She didn’t have a manager and had to do both the PC and PM jobs and try to learn the house and clients. She puts the clients and her staff first. Linda is someone who you can go to with a problem and will try to get answers for you if she doesn’t know the answer. You can go to her with a problem and she will help you find a solution.”

Winter 2023 – Tanya Andrade

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