Our Team

Admin Team

Dave Zaback

Dave Zaback Executive Director

Dave Zaback has been our Executive Director since June 2005. Dave has worked as a job developer with the employment program and as a case manager.

Teresa Jaynes

Teresa Jaynes Human Resource Director

Teresa has been with Home Life since 2009. She handles all things related to hiring employees, administering employee benefits, mediation for staff, backup payroll, and recruitment.

Sue Ann Belknap

Sue Ann Belknap Training Coordinator

Sue Ann joined Home Life in 2014 as our Training Coordinator.

Sierra Rawson

Sierra Rawson Program Director

Sierra started at Home Life in 1999 and has worked at several of our programs in many different capacities. She has been our Program Director since 2010.

Andrea Cooke

Andrea Cooke Financial Director

Andrea has been with Home Life since September 2015.  In her role, she handles all things related to the agency’s funds. . .

Cassie Turner

Cassie Turner Behavior Supports Specialist & OIS Instructor

Cassie is Home Life’s Behavior Support Specialist and OIS Instructor. She works with individuals and their teams to implement positive behavior supports and trains employees in the Oregon Intervention Systems. She has been with Home Life since 2005.

Emily Albers

Emily Albers Program Director

In 2014 Emily joined Home Life as a Program Director. From 2007 to 2014 Emily worked with Resource Connections of Oregon as a case manager. this is a space

Jamie Peterson

Jamie Peterson Administrative Assistant

Jamie has worked for Home Life since February 2009. You can find her greeting people, invoicing, running reports, ordering supplies, and creating the newsletter.

Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler Maintenance

Mike has been at Home Life since January of 2012. If it’s broken, he’ll fix it.

Program Managers

Name Position Email
Angie Metzger Program Manager, Supported Living A angie.metzger@homelifeinc.org
Jamie Fluckiger Assistant Program Manager, Supported Living A jamie.fluckiger@homelifeinc.org
Brandon Wheeler Program Manager, Supported Living B brandon.wheeler@homelifeinc.org
Karen Majhor Assistant Program Manager, Supported Living B karen.majhor@homelifeinc.org
Mike Lee Program Manager, Supported Living Plus mike.lee@homelifeinc.org
Jesse Parker Assistant Program Manager, Supported Living Plus jesse.parker@homelifeinc.org
Deborah Park Program Manager, Olleman House deborah.park@homelifeinc.org
Amber Buffington Program Manager, Coho Flat amber.buffington@homelifeinc.org
Kaitlin Boyce Program Manager, Koebel House kaitlin.boyce@homelifeinc.org
Taylore Hallam Assistant Program Manager, Koebel House taylore.hallam@homelifeinc.org
Tim Richey Program Manager, Mumford House tim.richey@homelifeinc.org
Elizabeth Garcia Assistant Program Manager, Mumford House elizabeth.garcia@homelifeinc.org
Steve Jackson Program Manager, Woods House steve.jackson@homelifeinc.org
Heather Phillips Assistant Program Manager, Woods House heather.phillips@homelifeinc.org
Darcy McCullough Program Manager, Sackett House darcy.mccullough@homelifeinc.org
  Assistant Program Manager, Sackett House  
Michael Oswald Program Manager, Robinson House michael.oswald@homelifeinc.org
Brandon Teem Assistant Program Manager, Robinson House brandon.teem@homelifeinc.org
Alleea Teem Program Manager,Teater House alleea.teem@homelifeinc.org
  Assistant Program Manager,Teater House  
Neal Jones Program Manager, Vocational Program neal.jones@homelifeinc.org
  Assistant Program Manager, Vocational Program  
Mike Lee Program Manager, Comprehensive In Home Supports mike.lee@homelifeinc.org
Larry Richard Assistant Program Manager, Comprehensive In Home Supports larry.richard@homelifeinc.org